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Society of Registered Professional Adjusters
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Toll Free:  800-949-5272

Tel: 630-262-2270

Fax: 630-262-2274 -- but before you fax us, please read the next paragraph.

About Faxing to RPA:
Not all paperwork is faxable. Forms with a color background or with light-color type almost never fax properly, and should be mailed or priority-mailed to us. If there's any doubt about whether your material is faxable, call us -- we'll be happy to look over a sample page.

Please do not fax anything over 10 pages long. If you must fax, be sure to fax the correct side: you'd be amazed how many blank faxes we receive. Just because you get a confirmation that you faxed your paperwork doesn't mean anything if we receive a blank (upside-down) fax.

If possible, just use the form below. Thanks!

E-Mail: Please send your documents to or use our contact form below for general questions:

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Because of the volume of inquiries we receive, we respond by email ONLY. You MUST fill in all requested information below INCLUDING your email address, since without it we will not be unable to respond to your request.


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